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What does Kohler and Clark do?
How do I request a quote?
What type of quality control do you have?
Do you have terms available?
Which industries does Kohler and Clark service?
How long is a quote good for?
Will you work off of my blueprints?
At Kohler and Clark we build parts that custom grind, like
screws, nuts and sleeves. We do forgings, elbows, tees and
angles; and blanking on nuts, sleeves and straight. We
primarily service the Aerospace industry, but can deliver by
order for any type of business that needs screw parts.
We generally work with companies in the aerospace industry,
but we also handle machine work for the automotive and ag
industries and refrigeration businesses among many others.
We handle business in the commercial and government
sectors. If you need screw products, we can help you.
Yes, that is how we work. Send us your blueprints and we
machine parts to your specifications.
We have a thorough on-site quality control program that
ensures the highest standards are met for each part that
leaves our facility.
It's easy to request a quote for work from Kohler and Clark.
Simply contact our office by
email, phone, fax, or our online
contact form
and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.
The price we quote for your job is good for 60 days.
Net 30 terms are usually available.  We may require credit
approval. Terms are 1%-10 Net 30.
Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide.