Arthur Clark began his machine shop in Santa Ana, California in
1977. He had been in the business nearly all his life, having a
father and uncles that were machinists.

Kohler and Clark moved to Anaheim in 1983 and finally to Tulare,
California in 2000.

The company employs 54 people and does machine work for
many industries, including aerospace, agriculture and automotive.
Kohler & Clark is located
in the heart of Central
California, home to the
World Ag Expo.  We are
family owned with small
town values and a
commitment to quality.

4088 South K Street
Tulare, CA 93274

(559) 688-1194 Phone
(559) 686-6733 Fax
(888) 882-5275 Toll Free
Arthur Clark
President, Kohler and Clark
Sandy Clark
Kohler & Clark Facility
Tulare, CA